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Japan allows you many opportunities to awaken to a new perspective on the way you think, feel and be. It may be unexpected, and create new awareness - a catalyst for change if you wish. My role is to provide simple challenges and then support you in the way you are wanting to approach them or not.  I will hold space for you if you would like to go there.

Transformation can be light, fun and create a funny story because when it feels good your mind is willing to follow your heart.

I have many stories and you probably have many questions, so the easiest way to find out more about the Japan Transformational Trip is to contact me. Please click on the brochure link below or give me a call and I will contact you within 24hrs.

Looking forward to guiding and supporting you in Japan and on your life's journey!

Much appreciation, Natalie

2022 The Japan Trip Brochure will be available by email in April 2021.



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