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I have a deep respect for the magic these two gifted women weave. The space they hold and lead you in to with an opening meditation is truly powerful. Unexpected insights and 'aha' moments came for me and all while having fun and creating something. I even got a little emotional as I saw an old belief I didn't realise was still there. I felt safe to feel, observe and release even while surrounded by others.

These workshops really are something wonderful and unique and I'm so looking forward to going to another.

Group Art Therapy in Nature


I want to thank Natalie and Rachel for holding these amazing art therapy workshops. Its a wonderful process each week using different art materials. You never know what you are going to create! I love that i can be myself and share with accredited therapists in a safe environment of no judgement. And there is always coffee, love and hugs.

art therapy with natural elements ephemeral creative art


"From each session I learnt or discovered something new and somehow completely relevant, taking something away with me each time. I would highly recommend Arts Therapy with Natalie to anyone looking for a unique and lighthearted option to explore within whilst enjoying themselves at the same time. Thank you Natalie."

- Crystal (29yrs)

Art Space Healing Art Therapy Mandala Crystal.


"I discovered a lot of positive answers that seemed to magically appear through my art! It helped me to bridge the gap between how I feel and act at work to how I am at home, being more of who I am in more situations. It has helped me to  be more positive, grateful for all I have and allow my spirit to shine through!"

- Roger (54yrs)

Art Space Healing creating with coloured sand at the beach sunshine coast


"I was able to examine my artwork from different perspectives, providing me with a deeper insight into my original intent. After my sessions, I am able to interpret everyday experiences with a more clear, concentrated and stable mind."

- Noel (67yrs)

Soft Pastel Art Therapy Creative Expression


I just want to say another big thank you to Natalie and Rachel! I enjoyed my first session so very much. I am for ever grateful and satisfied that I followed my intuition and passion to do a work shop. Their space was very light and comfortable. Rachel and Natalie are both warm and easy to talk to! The processes brought up a lot of emotions for me. It all made sense to me. It felt great to see that I could feel if I do follow what the universe is telling me I will be on the right path! 

Sense making processes in Art Therapy at Forest Glen


I started going to play with these girls about 8 weeks ago. I can't tell you how much fun it is. We have been calling it Kindy because the freedom you feel in expressing yourself is like being a kid. You move stuff inside yourself that you never knew was there. It's life changing and Natalie and Rachael sure know what they are doing. They hold the space perfectly for whatever may arise. Thank you girls. Come. You won't regret it

Exploring and expressing with food colour in art therapy on Sunshine Coast


These women are amazing. Thanks for holding the space for others to be able to identify issues or blockages. Lots of lessons learned. Definitely recommended even if art is not your thing.

Art Therapy Group Workshops using tools
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