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Questions for NDIS Clients

If you have never experienced Art Therapy with a qualified Art Therapist, you possibly have a lot of questions. The easiest way for you to have all those questions answered, as they pop up, is to call Tali. When she is with Clients, please leave a message and Tali will call back within 24hrs.


The joy of Art Therapy is that every session is different!

Each session is focused on who you are and what you are currently experiencing in life. You never quite know what materials and processes will best support you on the day. It might be movement, sound, paint, collage!? It is a process of discovery and awareness for you to be you.


Art Therapy plans are progressive and are tailored to a clients NDIS plan goals, both short and long term. This plan is established with the client or career / support during the first session when we create a NDIS Service Agreement.

In planning the sessions, Tali Joy takes into consideration a persons disabilities, including limitations in their range of physical, mental, emotional abilities and introduces materials and processes that support and empower creative expression, ultimately supporting the person in who they are and want to be.

Tali holds Art therapy sessions for Children and Adults who are registered with NDIS privately or through a plan manager. All sessions are held in clinic or, Tali can also come to you!

When the time is right, please call and Tali will assist with your questions and bookings.

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