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Action for Dolphins

I swam with Spinner Dolphins in the wild off the coastline of Big Island, Hawaii. It was a truly enlightening experience on many levels.  That day left me making the commitment to financially support Action for Dolphins every month for the work they do in creating change


Who are they??

Action for Dolphins (AFD) is a not-for-profit working to end cruelty to, and gain legal protection for, small cetaceans (dolphins and other small whales).

AFD's primary goal is to bring an end to unregulated and inhumane hunts that kill thousands of small cetaceans annually. AFD also works to end the practice of dolphin and whale captivity.

If you'd like to know more about what AFD is doing, we invite you to visit our campaign page at:



Loans that Change Lives

The Wisdom in Me program is focused on in-powering Women to Shine, and to then empower others. I feel Kiva does this. Therefore every group from "The Wisdom in Me" select a woman to support internationally.


Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded

in 2005, with a mission of expanding financial access to help underserved communities thrive.

They celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

100% of funds go to funding loans!! 

With more than $1 billion in loans funded, Kiva is a leading global nonprofit creating opportunity for communities in need

around the world.

Our support helps them continue to push boundaries, from offering flexible loan terms that help farmers deal with unpredictable weather to providing capital to refugees in need of stability.

Over 1.6 million lenders who’ve supported 2.5 million borrowers.

World Wildlife Fund


Through the "Kids Art Speak Programme" I have developed and fascilitate at a local school, the children often use animals in symbolism and metaphor to creatively express themselves. It is becuase of this reason, we have decided to support Australian wildlife by Adopting a Koala.


Every month a donation is sent to WWF to  help support WWF’s essential conservation work – protecting the habitat, preserving the food and ensuring the safety and protection of our Koalas.

Plant a Tree for Me



In Art Therapy, we use a lot of paper!

Quality paper. In appreciation of Mother Earth growing the trees for the production of paper, my family and I have donated to Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife for native trees to be planted across Australia.

Our focus is healing hearts, their focus is HEALING our land, our National parks and our threatened species. We are excited to be be able to donate to plant a grove of 10 trees.. plants which are creating a habitat that will not be cut down. 

A note from FNPW to us:

Thank you for helping to preserve Australia's amazing natural environment!

Planting more native trees helps to rehabilitate native bushland, increase biodiversity, and protect the many birds and animals threatened by habitat loss.

You can learn more about the preservation of Australia’s incredible National Parks and wildlife by visiting FNPW. 

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