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The Wisdom in Me


We are full of Life Experiences!   We are full of Stories!!

There are the different stages in life - maiden, mother, crone.

Through life we experience family, school, friendships, love, health, environment, career, travel and many more times and events that impact who we are and how we be. There are stories in each of us, ones of laughter, ones of tears and ones that we bury deep and ones that we live everyday. 

In a safe and supportive space, I invite you to allow life's experiences to rise and release in a profound, somewhat "magical" way through creative expression. You will use oil pastels, soft pastels, textas and more. It's all symbolic, which means no art skills are required!


Guided through an array of Art Therapy processes, the birth of your wisdom is your own personal journey.

One woman recently described her transformation in the programme as one of "Acceptance! Allowing vulnerability. Letting life just happen more and not gripping onto it so much."

Another woman described "I have noticed transformation of thoughts and feelings through the creative processes. Moving through challenging feelings, transforming resistance into flow, whether the feelings were perceived as good or bad, right or wrong."


At the bottom of the page, please read more about what other women have experienced.

Would you like to explore your inner stories?  


Let's go on a journey, deep within which connects with your heart, mind, body and soul to explore, become aware, love.

The space we gather in is not for talking about our life experiences!

Truth is, there is little said about the actual experiences of life and the stories we hold within. Instead we share in the power of the journey of creative expression. Joining together as a small group of women is empowering, as we hold space, hear, trust and be present for one another. The synchronicities that arise allow us to connect and laugh!! Even when on a most personal transformative journey. 

With only 6 women in the group, you are a very intricate part of each others experience. You will express the details of your journey privately in your art book through creative expression of symbolism and metaphor. We share growth, realizations, and witness the synchronicity of new awareness. A bond of trust, appreciation, compassion for each other and understanding of life’s path is co-created over the months and new friendships form.

I provide you a safe, secure and supportive space that allows you to go from the depths of despair to true elation in the space of one session and throughout the entire programme. I support you in witnessing your Self, however you choose to see and feel.


Most recently, participants have defined what they have internally witnessed as opening of the cracks, receiving ongoing new insights and fresh perceptions, recognizing the lessons in everything and being willing to learn and accept themselves.

The journey is one of transformation.

Everyone’s transformation in personal, unique and aligned with their life stories and who they are.


Each person experiences different shifts, changes and growth. Participants have shared the enlightenment they have received through the programme as;

  • Being able to see and feel purpose to life’s experiences,

  • Respect and gratitude for the story and being able to see the beauty.

  • Better understanding that I have value to offer

  • New feelings in my heart


The journey of your life that you bring to life in this programme can be a full body experience, creating healings beyond what the mind can think and imagine possible.

To be held in a space of compassion, love and acceptance, nurtures the growth of self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance, bringing you into your power and understanding your wisdom. 

You finish the programme with the story in your life as a myth. The experience that was controlling your way of being, your power, your emotions is transformed and it no longer is attached to your present way of being. New beginnings, new purpose, new direction, new opportunity are presenting themselves through you.  I invite you to generously share to empower and inspire others through your story.

On the last day, other participants have expressed the programme to be;

  • Soooo enlightening

  • Interesting, Enjoyable, Uncomfortable and Painful all at the same time!

  • Life Changing

  • Mind Blowing

  • Deep Soul Awareness

  • Professional

  • Authentic

  • Definitely worth doing!

 If you are sitting, reading this and thinking

“I am ready”,

It’s time to hit the button and join a group.


Group 1


I will share my story with anyone who wants to listen, grow and transform. 

The programme is mind blowing, it is unique, it is life changing, it is deep, it is soul awareness - IT IS AWESOME!

You are amazing. I am grateful and in total awe of your abilities. Much love and gratitude. KC


 Group 2


So much more than I thought this was going to be.

The space and the energy was lovely.
Such an interesting journey

to take for myself.
THANKYOU Tali for your gentle

insight to life and love.


Group 1


Natalie is the perfect guide for this deep and surprising journey into yourself and out again to the world. Supportive, intuitive and practical.

I had resistance to beginning but she gently nurtured me through that to make a commitment to the process. Six weeks later we had asked some challenging questions, gone deep and discovered some unexpected and liberating answers.

Laughter and tears and connection to self and each other along the way

If you’re feeling the call to join this self discovery and self expression experience with Natalie I say go for it! Jump in with both feet, hang on and enjoy the ride. You won’t regret it!


The Next Group!


What will you experience?

What transformation, change, growth will you creatively express?

What wisdom will emerge from your life experience?

How will you describe your journey?


Group 2


Absolutely loved it! Could not recommend enough, through this program I gained insight into past traumas and found ways in which to heal and appreciate the hidden gifts that I hadn’t seen within!


This program allows you to look at your life experiences from different angles and heal areas from perspectives you hadn’t dealt with before!


Totally enlightening and life changing 💕💕


Group 2


If you want to grow and you want to be challenged sign up but be prepared for change.


Group 2


I've noticed that the old emotions are gone to my "story" and I can now look at it and smile. I didn't realise I was burying this so deep. I have released what isn't necessary anymore. Thank you!


Group 5


I will share my experience by shining my light and releasing any attachments to the feelings this creates within others. I am a wise, courageous, sharer of truth, and it is my birth right to continue my journey my way. 

I am appreciative of the experience of witnessing and validating my journey and my truth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Group 4


Living in fear and retaliation and self perseverence, whereas now I am understanding of why!

"Transformations that stand for you?"

Acceptance! Allowing vulnerability. letting life just happen more and not gripping onto it so much. 

Ahmazzing. So grateful!


Group 5


Fear / apathy of coming to session, always glad I did. Lots of doubt about things 'working' or 'sticking'. Enjoyed special place with group and Tali about heart matters, sacred space together. 

I loved the sacred & special place where vulnerabilities & journey can be witnessed with compassion, very touching feeling of honour and  humbleness. 


Very appreciative of your gifts Tali to guide and compassionate enquiry and skill in your craft. 


Group 2


Transformation - I have more strength, belief in myself. I can manage my self-talk with positive thoughts. 

Thank you for pushing, pulling and nurturing me as I have evolved. xx



Group 3


I feel like I have released the emotions attached to the life experience. I am able to look at the story more objectively & gain a deep understanding & more clarity of the experience, who I am & the "why".

I feel liberated and ready to share.


The programme was intense, fun, amazing, transformational and I left wanting more. Very grateful & thankful. Awesome!



Group 4


I have witnessed myself go through challenges, deep understanding and then come out with a sense of knowing where to go next. 

The 'who' I was in the story is gone. She and the story are a distant memory. I can walk besdie her knowing I'm lighter. 


Amazing experience once again. The deeper level I was able to get to I believe was doing this journey with you last time and then looking at things differently!

Absolutley do it, you will forever love Art Therapy now like me!

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