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'The Wisdom in Me' groups all select a KIVA loan to contribute to,

with the intention of empowering women to create change

in their personal life and that of their community.

This is who we are supporting.




Group 1 Empowering ~ Lorenza

Lorenza's story

Lorenza is 54 years old. She has six children, whom she has managed to get ahead with her great effort and sacrifices.

She sells things. She has a small shop in her home with all kinds of products. She says that she generates the income to be able to help with the support of her household with this modest enterprise. She has had to work ever since she was young, which is why she is not afraid of challenges.

She is requesting this loan to be able to buy products to stock her store, such as baked goods, vegetables, fruit, assorted beverages, and other products.

Group 2 Empowering ~

Group 3 Empowering ~ 

Group 4 Empowering ~ Un Nuevo Amanecer Group

Un Nuevo Amanecer Group's story

This group is called Un Nuevo Amanecer, formed within the indigenous people called Toba Qom from the San Francisco-Cerriteño community. It is made up of members Sara and Andrea. The former makes a living mainly at her handicrafts business alongside her mother and Andrea also makes a living at her handicrafts business with her family.

Both want to help support their families. They are also aware of environmental and pollution issues and for this reason want to contribute their small grain of salt towards the universal need to help improve the environment in the face of global pollution.

Sara feels she has a lot to give to this planet, this is why she has decided to do her bit in this way.

Sara is seeking a loan to buy eucalyptus seeds in order to reforest 5 hectares of land in their community.

In this group: Sara, Andrea

Group 5 Empowering ~ 

Group 6 Empowering ~ Gulrakat

Gulrakat's story

Gulrakat is a 65 year old woman from the town of Bokhtar. She lives in a big house. She has 6 children.

Gulrakat has a problem with the drinking water. She wants to put pipes in her house and use clean water. She needs to get a loan. She looks forward to your support.

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This loan is special because it supports the well being of women and their families.




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