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The Soul Session

Supporting your Discovery, Awareness, Being.

Challenge to Change

Creatively Expressing the challenges we have

within life is the start to new awareness, understanding and creating the life we desire,

being true to our heart & soul.


The processes in Art Therapy allow us to also gain Clarity of who we are and what we truly desire.


"The Soul Session" is all about the goals, intentions and areas of self or life you wish to "play" with.


Together we uncover your goals,

 I choose art materials that support your intentions,

I provide an intuitive meditation/visualization,

You creatively express,

We implement processes for discovery,

You gain awareness,

We use processes for trajection into life,

You be you.

Gaining understanding, healing and transformation can be done with ease and grace in Art Therapy. 


I invite you to allow yourself to explore through creative expression, discover the answers you have within and be you.


An in-powered you creates a life of living from your heart and soul. You will empower, inspire and

share your light with others. 

Much Aloha, Tali Joy xo



Soul Session

Do I have to be

Artistic and Creative?

Arts Therapy is about the process of creation, the meaning of expression, intentions and realizations. Everyone is creative. Everyone is a creation. Here is what our participants have to say when asked about being artistic and creative.

"Not in the artists sense of doing a painting, not as a skill. It's about letting go of your inhibitions"


You have to go back to being a child"

"That is like asking if you have to be flexible to do yoga?!"

"Potentially it is more beautiful than being artistic."

"Our artworks are not something to show off so much as something to learn from."

Am I Creative?

My way of Being.

Ohhh, and there is my Answer from Within Me!

"I got major stuff out of it. I come back in. I like the calm. There are joyful things to be excited about each week. I reconnect with me."

"It's good for me to talk about stuff. Through not knowing and allowing, I've shifted. I'm comfortable in my own skin."

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