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Conscious Wellness

BE-ing conscious or mindful of our wellness is about making choices

to align and be in our Inner Power

It is listening to our personal, unique body system and hearing what it needs for us to maintain optimal health, in a wholesome way.

We don't need to follow trends, or do what the guru's are telling us is

right for us. We can use kinesiology by muscle testing ourselves to know if something is what our body desires. 

Here are 2 ways that I have consciously chosen for my health

and the health of my family.

As they have each created health and vitality for me,

I wish to share them with you.

Inviting in Wellness opportunities for you and your loved ones.


This Cleanz is gentle, brings nutrients and instant health benefits. It's quite hilarious when you get the need to clean up the external environment because your inner environment becomes clean!

This is the website where you can explore all the cleanses  - wait for it - that follow the


Earth,  Wood, Metal, Fire, Water

Purifing our entire body systematically, following the exact same pathways that the body got intoxicated in the first place. Whilst, feeding the cells with the most alive and bioavailable foods!

ZenCleanz One.jpg
Kangen Machine.jpg


We have had our Kangen machine for about 5 years, and absolutely love filling our bodies with Filtered and Ionised Alkaline Water!

We get to choose the pH Level of the water we drink, cook with and even sanitise our home with.

To welcome Kangen Water into your life, the trick is to buy one through a Distributor!

I became one because of my belief and trust I have in the product and the Japanese Company - Enagic.

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