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My ZenCleanz Experience is shared with Transparency, Vulnerability and Compassion

Presented like the most Divine Gift for the Body!

Before writing, I drew a Kali Oracle card (Alana Fairchild deck) to give insight into sharing the ZenCleanz experience to inspire and support everyone in holistic wellness within! Guna Tantrika is the card, and is 100% aligned with what the ZenCleanz requires and creates. Of Course!!

This is my first Intestinal cleanse experience! I can’t handle not eating for very long, so I would say I am a person who doesn’t really do cleanses. I enjoy eating what I want, when I want! So one week of juice cleanses are definitely not for me! I did the Dr Abbotts Liver Cleanse in 2022, which allowed me to eat and from that, I discovered I could not drink cows milk in my coffee anymore.It was the only time I had milk, now I opt for nut milks.

When I was introduced to the ZenCleanz by a friend, and I read all about it, I was excited. Excited by the duration, and the nutrients it would introduce to my body.

The reason for doing the cleanse was the symptoms of brain fog, forgetfulness, bloating, disrupted sleep, diagnosed internal candidiasis (at the Mora Clinic - Noosa) and emotional stress expressed through frustration, irritation and exhaustion. My desired outcome was nights filled with peaceful sleep, clear thinking & decision making, release of lining that was preventing absorption of nutrients, a toxin free environment for the holistic wellness of all systems in my body, and healing of all the symptoms.

Everything starts with the gut, so that is where I started with the “ONE” kit, the Earth Element of the Intestinal Tract in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was easily a big YES to embarking on this journey for my health and well-BEing.

Discoveries I made along the Way

I am an early to rise, early to bed SiStar, so I adjusted the times to suit my regular routine. I set up all the required time alarms in my phone, as I knew I would be distracted and not be continuously watching the clock. The programme itself is set out so clearly and easy to follow, from the instruction manual to the numbered sachets.

Day One

I took my first sachet at 6:30am and the last one at 7pm - What a day!

5 hours in I developed a slight headache and was feeling bloated from consuming so much - Enzymes and Warm Water. I never eat or drink this regularly!

I was so full, no hunger at all, yet I had the desire to grab a snack, reach for something purely to satisfy my emotions. Which, of course, I didn’t succumb to!

I couldn’t focus on being productive in any way, except consuming another international drama on Netflix, as I was constantly waiting for the alarm to go off, ready for my next enzyme drink or warm water. It was a day of complete rest from “achieving” the to-do list.

The afternoon also included many toilet trips as digested foods were cleansed out rapidly!

To my surprise, I slept straight through that night!

Day Two

I woke up with a very intense headache! Splitting across the top of my head - toxins were being activated in my gut! I again introduced myself to the couch and switched on Netflix. Had a sleep and really took it easy in the morning.

As I truly wanted to experience the release of mucoid plaque, I stuck to a liquid only diet consisting of cold press juice, warm herbal teas, organic tonkatsu broth with extra ginger. I was not hungry at all throughout the day, however I ate and drank regularly to keep hydrated. I also continued with stomach massages and a warm wheat pack.

My digestive system was showing me how slow it is as I still didn’t experience the release of mucoid plaque. I was okay with that, knowing that it might not be released until the next day. I spent time on my OxyChi machine and went to bed, in which I had a full night's sleep again.

Day 3

The headache had passed, but not the mucoid plaque. Hmmmm, is my digestive system really this slow? I stuck to the liquid only diet and joyfully consumed miso soup with Mushroom Immunity for gut and immunity, organic herbal teas, organic cold pressed juices and warm water. I rolled out the yoga mat and did a 40 min practice for the digestive system by Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.

I felt so much energy! I was inspired to clean and detox from under my bed, including the burning of Artworks I had created in therapeutic sessions. Items were rearranged, items donated, organised and released! I become very productive in the rest of the house too. A surge of freshening the space consumed me!!

I felt amazing and light - despite no mucoid plaque to flush away.

Again, a great night's sleep after more yoga, a warm magnesium salt bath, meditation and using acupressure for constipation techniques.

Day 4

Believing this must be the day for release, I started the day with 2 cups of lemon in warm water, followed by asana poses and movement for the intestinal tract. Which again, I found on YouTube. Organic beef broth with Mushroom Immunity for the gut and immunity was my choice of nutrients. I also kept up my fluids with water, cold pressed juice and organic herbal teas. By lunch, there was still no bowel action, so I tempted my system with a Sacred Cacao ceremony.

I began to feel clear again in the mind as inspired ideas, creativity and channelled direction was flowing with crystal clarity and ease. I began to feel “alive” and “lighter”.

Complete transparency, 100%, I was tempted to eat or drink coffee to stimulate my system, however, I knew it would take my body out of autophagy and into digestion. It was purely my impatience that had my mind considering these actions. Zencleanz recommends a home enema, however without a kit, and having never done one before, I trusted my body, the yoga and acupressure to work its magic!

Getting to know how my digestive system works invites me to support it more in the future with the foods I eat, the eating behaviours I have - like in a rush/times of meals & snacks, and witnessing how long it takes for my system to alleviate toxins and waste. I knew I wasn’t absorbing many nutrients from my foods…. Soon I would discover through the plaque release why that was!

At 2:30pm on day 4, the lumpy rope began to release from my bowel. The gory details I will leave out, as you can find out from the website what I mean by lumpy rope! There is also a very supportive group on telegram if you have any questions during your ZenCleanz.

With blessings for your optimal health and to be at peace with your inner BEing, Tali Joy


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