Art Therapy with Tali Joy

Supporting your Discovery, Awareness, Being.

Groups of women coming together create extraordinary connection, growth and empowerment.... and that is just within the self! 


The group itself forms it's own dynamic where similarities and differences alike are

Honoured and Celebrated!

"Creative Expression of Women's Wisdom",

is the core programme I have co-created and facilitate over 6 to 12 weeks.

I invite you to allow yourself to explore your story, witness it come to life through a variety of creative ways and begin to gain new insight to the wisdom, the growth, the knowledge you have gained throughout life. Once you are in-power, you are ready to empower, inspire and

share your light with others. 

Much Aloha, Tali Joy xo


Do I have to be

Artistic and Creative?

Arts Therapy is about the process of creation, the meaning of expression, intentions and realizations. Everyone is creative. Everyone is a creation. Here is what our participants have to say when asked about being artistic and creative.

"Not in the artists sense of doing a painting, not as a skill. It's about letting go of your inhibitions"


You have to go back to being a child"

"That is like asking if you have to be flexible to do yoga?!"

"Potentially it is more beautiful than being artistic."

"Our artworks are not something to show off so much as something to learn from."



Art Therapy Workshops

Together we studied and experienced the transformational changes that Arts Therapy creates within the self and transfers into life.

With my background and lifestyle of spirituality, oneness and compassion, living life from a place of love, Rach and I aligned with the desire to provide Arts Therapy for people who would like to move closer to personal self-realization. People who would like to journey life with self-compassion, self-awareness, self-love. Where the desire to feel inner peace, happiness, joy is felt.

Each Workshop is unique in it's goals & intentions, and the creative activity for expression.


At the end...


"I got major stuff out of it. I come back in. I like the calm. There are joyful things to be excited about each week. I reconnect with me."

"It's good for me to talk about stuff. Through not knowing and allowing, I've shifted. I'm comfortable in my own skin."


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