Transpersonal Arts Therapy bypasses the ego,

accesses the subconscious, empowers, supports

and heals people on their journey to self-realization. H-Art Space.

I'm sharing with you a story from my journey, created through art therapy, performed in ritual. It's an insight into the break-throughs you can experience in Transpersonal Arts Therapy.  At the end of the story, you'll find your answers to how Arts Therapy can help you.

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Shift thoughts, beliefs and patterns to help you create change in your life

Discover and write your own story with

self compassion, bringing it out to heal

Build inner resources, strength and knowing to journey with more peace

Establish tools to be able to let go of stressful, overwhelming everyday life, situations and events to live with freedom

Plus the discovery of all that is within your H-Art Space!


session today!


Art Therapy is the process of creation, the qualities of the mediums and the professional therapeutic support that allows you to venture inwards, discover and BE YOU.


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