Where do I start? I have so many trains of thought, deep emotional connections and fantastic stories related to Japan and the way in which it can transform you and your life. I am lost for words!!

Imagine for a moment you are underground standing at the entrance of a coffee shop and you need to walk 20 metres straight ahead to reach your train platform. In front of you walking, jogging, racing in all directions are hundreds people trying to be on time for their train. Business surrounds you. You are "Frogger"wanting to make it to the other side alive. Is there a pattern to the business that you can strategically follow? How are you feeling? Does your heart rate rise? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you see and accept the challenge? Do you stand still paralyzed by fear? Do you laugh and see it as a game? Count down and go.. face fears, let go of anticipated outcomes, take the first step!


What happened? Is this a pattern in life? With Arts Therapy we can reflect on the experience and see what arises from within you and how you would like to be. This is an experience you can utilise to transform. Possibly a small, minimalist experience that may be shaping your life. There may be a related blockage, belief, thought and behavioral pattern that is stopping you from taking the first step to get where you want to go in your life.

Japan allows you many opportunities to awaken to a new perspective on the way you think, feel and be. It may be unexpected, and create new awareness - a catalyst for change if you wish. My role is to provide simple challenges and then support you in the way you are wanting to approach them or not.  Sometimes you might wish to cover it up, not go there as the time for healing is not right for you and that is okay. I will not make you walk on hot coals, push through mental thought barriers or physical pain. I will hold space for you if you would like to go there.

Transformation can be light, fun and create a funny story because when it feels good your mind is willing to follow your heart.

I have many stories and you probably have many questions, so the easiest way to find out more about the Journey Japan Transformational Travel in to contact me. Please send me a message to contact you or give me a call and I will call back within 24hrs.

Looking forward to guiding and supporting you in Japan and on your life's journey!

Much appreciation, Natalie