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The Love, Peace, Happiness, Desires, you seek can be discovered within. I'm here to support  you on your journey.



Welcome and Thank you for arriving here at Art Space Healing!

As  you navigate through the pages you will notice that Art Therapy is for Everyone!

Yes, any age, any gender, any art level. Art Therapy reserves no judgment and assists you in releasing self-judgement! Unlike many other therapies, art therapy is a non-judgmental, client focused, experiential modality that allows you to access knowledge, wisdom and understanding from within your mind, body, heart and soul. It is a unique path for healing and journeying towards self-realization and self-actualization.

Art Therapy is my way of being in service to the people of the world and beyond. Located on the Sunshine Coast, in tropical Queensland for 3 years, H-Art Space Healing is a place of support for your Discovery, Awareness and Being.


In addition to individual client sessions, I have developed the Creative Expression of Women's Wisdom programme. This is an empowering programme for small groups of women held through the seasons.

You will also see through social posts, that I truly enjoy bringing the emotional & mental well-being benefits of Art Therapy to developing children. Supporting them in the early stages of a healthy mind and body.


Art therapy is an extraordinary healer for physical, mental, emotional and LIFE challenges!

Personally, I always want to know more about the people I receive healing support from and I invite  you to do the same with me. I invite you to search, read and connect with me through social media

Lastly, did you notice the Journey Japan page? I am also a Japanese speaker and with an expansive heart, love to take people out of their comfort zone to a culture like no other. Experiences are explored deeply through art therapy through the tour. If you are highly interested, please email me.

Thank you once again for reaching H-Art Space Healing. May our paths unite and I have the honour of supporting your Discovery, Awareness, Being.

Much Aloha, Tali Joy x

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Arts Therapy

Group Workshops

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It's more fun when you share the journey of life with others.

All the materials are here, the intention is set, the environment is inviting, come be your self,

connect and create.

Journey Japan

Transformational Travel

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An immersive experience to discover who you are and allow, embrace, let go, be. Japan will challenge and inspire you, and I will support you through expressive Arts Therapy to make meaningful changes within yourself and your life.

H-art Space Healing

Arts Therapy

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Art Therapy is for everyone who wants to heal emotional, mental, physical pains. When you are wanting to shine bright, be yourself and feel inner peace, self-love, Arts Therapy will support you on your journey through life.




Sunshine Coast, Quensland, Australia


T: 0420 314 425


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Professional Art Therapy

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